It's July 2016 and we headed north from Ireland to Iceland - what were we thinking!

Iceland has a population of some 330,000 people, of which 225,000 live in and around Reykjavik.
Much like Ireland, Iceland was occupied by the Vikings back in the day.
Also, in modern times both countries were basically bankrupt.
In 2008, Iceland's three major banks defaulted and could not refinance their short term debt.
As a result, a run on deposits was done the Netherlands and the UK.
The Iceland central bank was unable to cope with this, and the IMF took over.
That was then, today the economy is booming and good times are back, also just like Ireland.


Here is the waterfront
As you can see, it is not large compared to other port cities.

On the right is the city's concert hall and entertainment center which opened in 2011-  the "Harpa".  Inside it actually is impressive.

Here is a view looking over the city.  Not much in the way of high rises.

Here are a few very dramatic shots of areas in Iceland that were on display in the Harpa center