This city has been on our bucket list for some quite a while.
So in Septemeber 2016, off we went to Poland.

This beautiful city is sadly perhaps best known for its proximity to Auschwitz, the German's largest WW2 concentration camp.

During WW2, Krakow was occupied by the Germans and the declared it an Administrative Capital.
The Germans quite like the city so it was never bombed or suffered any destruction.
As a result, unlike Warsaw, the original buildings are still in tact.

Today, Krakow is a modern vibrant city of some 2 million people in the greater metro area.
It sits on the banks of the Vistula River and in 1978, its Wawel Castle was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Poland is a member of the European Union, but has NOT adopted the Euro.
It's currency is the Zloty, and we found prices to be a bargain.

Market Square is the center of the city
and it is the heart of "old town".

The street merchants are out every day.

Like many squares,
there is an obligatory clock and bell tower.

The perimeter of the square is pretty well loaded with restaurants.
These carriages are for hire to take you around the square and into other parts of the old town.

Krakow is truly on the go - Starbucks has moved in.

Not to miss a promotional opportunity,
here is the hotel that Pope John Paul II stayed in.

Wawel Castle at night.