Blakey had been to Bruges a few years prior and was anxious for me to visit, so here we are in July 2015.
Bruges is a medieval city with much of the original architecture in tact.
It's historic centre has been a UNESCO Works Heritage site since 2000.

Bruges is also a canal city - here are few scenes.

Market Square is the town centre.

And of course every square has a cathedral.
This is now part of the visitors centre.

The Beguinage

Here is the entrance to "The Beguinage" -
a place where Christian orders live in semi-monastic communities.

This community was founded around 1244 by Margaret of Constatinopel.
...women only.

Since 1927, the facility is a convent for Benedictine nuns,
of which there only eleven on site.

The complex includes a Gothic béguinage church,
 and about thirty white painted houses dating from the late
16th, 17th and 18th century.