Gran Canaria

It's Christmas 2018 and we're back in the Canary Islands.
Gran Canaria ("Great Island of the Dogs") is one of seven islands that comprise the Canary Islands, off the west coast of Africa.
It is the second most populated island with a head count of almost 850,000. 

Tenerife tops the table with some 900,000 bodies. 
They are all of volcanic origin, and as you will see, the Canary's are desert islands.

Playa Meloneras

We stayed at the H10 Hotel, which is like being on a cruise ship - all inclusive.
It is now one of our favourite hotels.

A great beach right out front.

Beautiful sunsets every night.

Local surfing action

A great view from our hotel room.

We enjoyed both Christmas and New Years at the H10.
On both holidays, a fabulous dinner was put out, which included all the lobster you could eat.
On New Year's Eve - a party was had by all!