It's September 2017
Know your flags?   Know your landscapes and water scapes?


Looking at downtown Oslo, you'll see a few construction cranes sticking up.  
It has a population of about 1 million people.
The economy is booming!

In late 2017 the Norwegian investment fund became the biggest in the world with an asset value of $ USD 1 TRILLION.

A main attraction is the Oslo Opera House, which we toured.
This very modern design building was completed in 2007 at a cost of $ USD 52 million. 

Quite an investment for a small city - but Norway get lots of money from the oil industry which it uses to fund infrastructure and more.

Old Oslo
Here is Karl's Gate, with the Parliament building on the left.


The Oslo Cathedral sits much in the middle of the tourist areas.

The train station in front and offices in the back.

The Oslo Harbour

...and of course one other notable site...