Porto is on the Northwest coast of Portugal on the Douro River, and as you might guess,
is world famous for its production and export of Port wine.
What a shock - John, Blakey, Eleanor and Michael are yet again off to taste wine.

is perhaps the premier or most popular brand of port globally.

Their iconic image has nothing to do with what appears to be Zorro.

The Sandeman artwork was created in 1928 by George Massiot Brown.
It was fashioned after a Portugese student's cape, and the hat worn by Spanish caballeros.

We had a great tour of their cellars,
where they have thousands of barrels aging.

Sandeman was started in 1790 by a Scottish cabinet maker, George Sandeman.

Taylor's is another fine Port and we enjoyed a bit of time at their cellars.

Of course we visited a number of other Port cellars - all of which were great.
Let's take a look at Porto city...