I've arrived "down under"...and on a beautiful day....


As you can see, Sydney has a great waterfront, with its signature sight....
The Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House took 16 years to build (1957 - 1973) and is a masterpiece of late modern architecture.

It was created by a young architect, Jorn Utzon of Denmark, who gave Australia a challenging, graceful piece of urban sculpture in patterned tiles, glistening in the sunlight and invitingly aglow at night.

Cost overruns contributed to criticism and a change of government resulted in 1966 to Utzon’s resignation, street demonstrations and professional controversy.

It finally was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1973.

New works were undertaken between 1986 and 1988 to the land approach and Forecourt under the supervision of the then NSW Government Architect, Andrew Andersons, with contributions by Peter Hall.

Jorn Utzon died in Copenhagen in November 2008 aged 90.